Peugeot UO-8 Restoration: The Beginning

Recently I acquired this relatively clean Peugeot, heavy emphasis on relatively. A short list of issues required immediate attention if I wanted to make it road worthy again. The saddle was a tattered mess, the front derailleur cable was cut, and both tires were flat and starting to decay a bit. With a bit of elbow grease and a smattering of new parts and a borrowed saddle, I have been able to ride the mile and a half to and from work a few times.


Here is how the Peugeot looked when I acquired it. There was a rear rack on the bike, but I removed it because it was secured to the dropout with rusted wire. I may end up-reattaching it but it is a low priority item at this time. After replacing the tubes, tires, and seat and then adding the bar tape it looks quite nice.


Next up on the list of to-do items is replacing the rusted chain with a new one that is properly lubricated and re-cabling the front derailleur. Oh and truing the wheels is a priority too. Who knows how long they sat unloved.

Big thanks to the folks in the Classic & Vintage subforums over at Bike Forums. With their knowledge I believe this to be 1974-76 UO-8, due partly to the half-chromed front forks.

I am debating on re-painting the bike down the road. I know this isn’t a collectors item by any definition so I can feel a little more free to make changes, but I also kind of like it as is. Component upgrades will be the other major upgrade in time, just to make it a little smoother. Of course all decisions will be made aesthetically because I want to retain the classic look of this bike that is representative of the bike boom of the 70’s when cycling was the rage.

I hope to put some serious mileage on it soon, because in just the short couple days I have had it, I have enjoyed riding it more than my newer GT commuter bike.